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China bearing manufacturer : Some unignorable oil-guzzling part of agricultural machine

20/8/2019 - Company: WuXi JOBST BEARING CO.,LTD Located in WuXi, China, JOBST Bearings is a leading bearing manufacturer that only offers the latest, state of the art ball bearings and roller bearings around the world. From miniature bearings to huge heavy industry bearings, we're committed to providing our customers with only the best.

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Working in different operating environments, sometimes resulting in discord some components, then raise some oil in these parts, will greatly increase the operating performance of agricultural machinery, check these " oil drinking " parts regularly can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mechanical work.

1, clutch release bearings

In the agricultural machinery trenching, rotary tillage, seeding and other operations, very frequent use of the clutch is also susceptible to damage, it can not be ignored. Former quarterly job should all clutch release bearing maintenance method is: remove the claws and release bearing, diesel or kerosene After cleaning dry, filled with calcium-based grease into the container is heated so that the thermal grease penetrate bearings internally, then remove installed.

2, the end of the axle assembly

Rotating part of the tail wheel tractor parts and more, poor working conditions, on a quarterly basis after the end of the job to be removed for cleaning, filling grease lubrication; Check the seal oil seal, if damaged should be replaced. Do not think that'll tail wheel rotation to no maintenance, once stuck bearings, journal wear big trouble. Workable China bearing is not a problem

3, rake shaft sleeve

Rake shaft bushings are working in a dusty, water and more harsh environments, easy to wear or pull the bad. Do not think rake shaft rotatable do not care, otherwise it will lead to the journal ground, pull the bad or even scrapped. When maintenance, clear the bush embedded in sand and other impurities, add calcium-based grease lubrication. If the sleeve worn, replace them with new bushings. Bearing manufacturers and bearing wholesalers will tell you like this.

4, rotary tiller coulter shaft bearings

Walking tractor supporting the right of the rotary tiller coulter shaft 6308 together with the coulter bearing gearbox are lubricated with gear oil, some 6207 6203 bearing machine hand to ignore the use of calcium-based grease lubricated bearings on the left side, this will lead to bearing dry starvation, fever job stuck, and even ran the bearing inner circle, the journal severely damaged and scrapped. Therefore, the maintenance should be removed on the left side of the coulter shaft seals and bearings clean diesel after filling calcium-based grease.

5, thresher roller bearings

Roller bearing in a dusty, high humidity conditions of work, do not think that the drum can be rotated to ignore maintenance, otherwise it will lead to early wear roller journal or even scrapped. Before the quarterly job and the job should pay attention to check, timely filling of grease lubricated bearings badly worn or damaged should be replaced. China bearings are always workable.

6, ditching and Depth wheel bearings

A depth wheel disc ditching machine welded at both ends has two built tractor with 60204 bearing, bearing was equipped with waterproof cover, do not think a depth wheel can turn do not care, otherwise it will lead to the axle stuck worn. Maintenance may, after the end of the quarterly job, remove the depth stop wheel, remove the 60204 bearing on clean diesel clean, reraise calcium-based grease lubrication.

7, drills Seeding clutch

Seeding clutch 2BG series of drilling machines, due to the poor sealing, easy to dry the grease into the dust, resulting in failure to work the clutch. Therefore, the first quarterly seeding, seeding should remove the clutch, the internal deterioration of the oil clean, add new calcium-based grease.

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