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How to replace bearings

31/8/2019 - Company: WuXi JOBST BEARING CO.,LTD Located in WuXi, China, JOBST Bearings is a leading bearing manufacturer that only offers the latest, state of the art ball bearings and roller bearings around the world. From miniature bearings to huge heavy industry bearings, we're committed to providing our customers with only the best.

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Install self-aligning ball bearings, toroidal roller bearings, spherical roller bearings with a tapered bore and high precision cylindrical roller bearings, to determine the axial radial internal clearance or decrease the value of the conical base of the advance distance as a measure of the amount of interference scale. Decrease the value of the axial clearance and guidance to promote the value of the distance, there are the following sections:

1 small bearings can be used nuts to advance to the conical base. In the case of the sleeve, the sleeve nut is used. Small withdrawal sleeves available nut pushed into the bearing hole. Available hook wrench or pneumatic wrench to tighten the nut. Before starting the installation, should be slightly a little oil on the surface of the journal and the sleeve.

2 large bearing mounting force required for a significant increase, and should use a hydraulic nut and / or the use of oiling methods:

(1) When using a hydraulic nut mounting bearings, it must be positioned on the threaded portion of the threaded sleeve or journal, the annular piston abuts the inner ring of the bearing, shaft nut or mounted on the shaft collar. Oil pump oil into the hydraulic nut in a safe, precise installation force required to move the piston in the axial direction. Hydraulic nuts, spherical roller bearings mounted

(2) oiling method, between the bearing and the journal injecting oil under high pressure to form a layer of film. This layer of film will be separated from the mating surfaces, significantly reduces the friction between the mating surfaces. In direct bearing mounted on the conical journal, generally use this method, but also used in the adapter sleeve and shirk specifically prepared for the oil injection sleeve bearings installed. Oil pump oiler or generate the necessary pressure, and the oil through the grooves on the sleeve or channel axis, between the mating surfaces of oil injection. Bearing layout design must be considered when the shaft grooves and channel the necessary arrangements. Spherical roller bearings mounted on withdrawal sleeves with oil sump, oil is injected with the surface, and in turn tighten the screws, the withdrawal sleeve is pressed into the bearing hole.

Bearing installation is preferable to use hydraulic tools, but most of the master is hammering into, so inevitably impact on bearings.

3 (1) as far as possible by the urging force of the bearing axis, which requires a springboard for symmetrical and smooth, parallel to the axis through the spherical or biased.

(2) urging the size should be smooth, even, it should not have the impact, which requires the use of hydraulic or tools can exert steady pressure or tension, when it had to use a hammer, but also through the copper sleeve, etc. softer and scrap metal does not fall to be buffered, percussion force gently as possible. Best to use copper or copper hammer hammering.

(3) avoid biases through the rolling, which requires disassembly inner ring by urging the inner ring when (shaft washer), when the outer ring assembly and disassembly) by urging the outer ring.

(4) continue to drag force due to the extent of, for example, when installing the bearing to be installed just stop when urged to the right position in the imported bearings, to ensure retaining shoulder end rings (gaskets) against the end surface of the housing bore or shaft neither packed too tight, it can not be installed in place.

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