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Vibration and noise of the motor

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In addition to the specifications when running, it is the people of the five senses to judge the situation like vibration and noise. Noise and vibration generated by the motor, are:

1, The mechanical vibration noise. Unbalanced weight of the rotor results in a considerable number of revolutions of the vibration.

2, the rotation of the motor bearings like 6203 , normal circumstances produce a natural tone, precision small motors or high-speed motor case, almost no problem. But bearing axis vibration resonance nature of the motor portion constituting material, bearing a spring constant of the shaft direction of the rotor vibration, poor lubrication cause friction and other sound problems.

3, brush slide with brush DC motor or commutator motor brush noise generated.

4, fluid noise, ventilation noise caused by the fan or the rotor of the motor is difficult to avoid, many cases about the overall noise of the motor, in addition to the fan blades or core teeth caused by gas beep outside, it is necessary to pay attention to on the resonance ventilation.

5, electromagnetic noise, noise generated from the magnetic circuit of the unbalanced unbalanced magnetic waves or electromagnetic force and the air gap, and the saturation flux density or magnetic noise caused by the air gap eccentricity.

First, the mechanical vibration causes and countermeasures

1, the rotor unbalance vibration

A, reason:

The residual imbalance during production.

. During the long run produce a lot of dust adhesion.

. When operating the thermal stress caused by shaft bending.

Thermal displacement caused by rotor unbalance load accessories.

. Accessories rotor centrifugal force caused by deformation or eccentricity.

. External (belts, gears, straight knot and poor) causes the shaft to bend.

. Adverse bearing means (or precision shaft locking) cause an internal shaft bending or bearing deformation.

B, responses:

. Inhibition rotor unbalance.

. Maintenance within the allowable amount of unbalance.

. Axis of the core to improve over the tight fit.

. Thermal expansion anisotropy, design improvements.

. Reliable bearing manufacturers and bearing wholesalers

. Improve the strength of the design or assembly. Fixed shaft design strength of the shaft coupling of the type of changes and amendments to the central junction straight.

. Bearing end face of the shaft attachment portion or segment lock nut to prevent bias against.

2, abnormal vibration and noise of the bearing.

A, reason:

. Bearing internal injuries.

. Axis bearing abnormal vibration, axial direction of the spring constant and the mass composition rotor vibration excitation system.

. Friction sound: the large-diameter cylindrical rolling bearings or high-speed ball bearing lubrication and have a negative bearing clearance causes.

B, responses:

. China bearing manufacturer

. Bearing replacement.

. Appropriate axial direction to change spring preload bearing clearance.

. Choose soft grease or excellent low temperature grease, residual gap so small (should be noted that the temperature rise problem).

3, brush-sliding sound

A, reason:

. Vibrating brush holder of the commutator and brushes sliding exciting generation

B Measures:

. Flexible support grip brush, select the brush material and shape of the brush suppress vibrations caused by lateral pressure and improve the accuracy of the commutator and the like.

Second, the fluid noise

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